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The Full Story


Point3THC was founded in February of 2020 by the Chemist and Owner Adam Woodson.  He has worked in many fields including DNA sequencing, Explosives and Energetics, Toxicology, the Hemp and Cannabis industry, and owns his own micro-brewery:  "The Damascus Brewery".  He has always had a passion for cannabis and has worked in the hemp and cannabis fields under many titles including Director of Operations, Lead Extractor, Expert Witness in Court Cases, and Testing Lab Manager for a Virginia Board of Pharmacy licensed Cannabis Dispensary.  It is through his in-depth knowledge of Chemistry and Law that he is able to bring to the public therapeutic and recreational grade edibles that are made with the  highest quality ingredients with the highest standards and well within U.S. Federal legal limits for total THC content.  



Point3THC was founded on the knowledge and belief that products containing THC should not be limited to those who can afford state required medical cards or only to people that live in states where cannabis is legal or regulated though medical programs.  This powerful medicine should be and can be used and enjoyed by all Americans regardless of where they live because it's regulated limit (.3%) is a Federal limit based on percentage.  This little known loophole allows everyone in America the ability to consume products containing THC at less than .3% total THC.    


To promote the growth of a responsible, sustainable, and inclusive cannabis industry and work for a favorable social, economic, and regulatory environment for that industry throughout the United States though the education and sale of THC containing products. 

Access to THC products is now the right of all Americans and Point3THC hopes to help reach all those in need by educating the public on what exactly .3% means and how hemp is a valuable source for legal THC products..

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